August 12, 2019

– August 12, 2019
A true man hates no one.
– August 12, 2018
(香港から東京への黄金ルート確立『HK Express』23:40香港発・4:55羽田着→平和島温泉へ送迎バス→築地で朝寿司)
Establishing the golden route from Hong Kong to Tokyo by HK Express 23:40 Departing from Hong Kong and Arriving 4:55 at Haneda → Pick-up bus to Heiwajima Hot Spring → Sushi Breakfast at Tsukiji.
– August 12, 2017
The day I changed this year’s my theme from “Rising” to “Constant winning”: Always keep winning.

August 11, 2019

– August 11, 2019
“How can we make a big hit ?” It is just one extraordinary “zeal” from one person. A big hit comes from a minority. An idea that 70 to 80% of people agree with will not be a big hit. How can we spread this little passion to the surroundings without giving up by many oppositions ? “Enthusiasm” is the driving force.
– August 11, 2018
I will get the world with this ! I always imagined the day before the sleep. Every night, I have imagined a day to get the derbies around the world, ever since my first grade. Never give up ! While Japan’s growth has been stopped, the world continues to grow greatly in a progressive way.
– August 11, 2017
You should be a little broader man: you can’t do it so far, so you can’t grow-up. James is also very big. And fat. Laugh. Because Sofie feels indebted to you and always worries about you, and, you’ll be fine.

August 10, 2019

– August 10, 2019
When the demonstrators and police officers appear in my sphere of life, I feel “tidal time”. “Tidal time” is not “the end of the time”, but “the beginning of the time.” “Best timing” when doing something. Believe in “just the right time” to do new things and take actions.
– August 10, 2018
The time of protected by the nation and the states has already passed, and I feel that I protect by myself (directly looking at the reality) and the satisfaction is something that arising from the inside, not something giving by the outside.
– August 10, 2017
Not an interpreter. Not being an interpreter.

August 9, 2019

– August 9, 2019
At first, if I bought one horse, I thought that the budget was divided into four, and buying four horses was more effective. It’s the strategy of “shoots more, hits at last.” However, the reality is that “the horse I want has a decent price” and “I feel responsible of taking care after retirement” The key is NOT to change the horse by the price, but, get the horse I want on my belief. My beliefs are 1. “Breed OGURI CAP’s children” 2. “Revive Northern Taste sire line” Lets live horse life on my belief.
– August 9, 2018
Opened-up my personal blog “living desperately”
– August 9, 2017
Nobunaga’s ambitions … Completed Unification with Sorin Ohtomo !
– August 9, 2015
(中国・武漢に初めて行った日:East Asian Cup 2015 China V.S. Japan☆)
First day went to Wuhan, China : East Asian Cup 2015 China V.S. Japan☆

August 8, 2019

– August 8, 2019
“Courage” is essential in the life ! Don’t hesitate to grab the “sudden chance,” performing the courage or not. There is only one chance. If cannot grab the first time, no second time.

– August 8, 2018
“New and up-coming” newly appearing in the field, with enthusiasm and promising future, and that kind of person.

– August 8, 2017
The day resumed studying Chinese language hard !!

August 7, 2019

– August 7, 2019
Beijing Longtou Farm : Mejiro Ardan, Thrill Show, Cheers Brightly : Horses coming from Japan to China.

– August 7, 2018
(財産を管理する国:シンガポール or ドバイ or スイス or モナコ・居住する国:自ら選ぶ・ビジネスをする国:自ら決める)
Country to manage the property: Singapore or Dubai or Switzerland or Monaco · Country of residence: Choose myself · Do business: Decide myself

– August 7, 2017
“Fushigi-sou” Fight ! Earn with full power !!

August 6, 2019

– August 6, 2019
北京通順競馬場(2005年閉鎖) Beijing Tongshun Race Course (Closed in 2005)
– August 6, 2018
(最も好きな応援歌:元近鉄バファローズ「古久保健二」豪打一発 炎燃やして お前のパワーで 一気にねじ伏せろ)
– August 6, 2017
Exceed the “boiling point of the growth” !

August 5, 2019

– August 5, 2019
Rähmät sızgä(رەھمەت سىزگە)ありがとう

– August 5, 2018
Not growing in Japan. Be active in an adversity environment.

– August 5, 2017
I spent my life in Shinjuku and looked for Fushigi-sou without giving up. I found the last one. Next is Fushigi-bana @ Yodobashi Camera Shinjuku West Exit

August 4, 2019

– August 4, 2019
(メジロアルダンの仔・Wu Di 无敌に初めて会えた日)
The day when I first met with Wu Di, son of Mejiro Aldan

– August 4, 2018
Chance is only one moment (Grab and do not release the moment !)

– August 4, 2000
(「鈴木郁洋」初本塁打を観戦:2000年8月4日 横浜ベイスターズ15回戦(横浜スタジアム)3回表に斎藤隆から左越3ラン)
Watching the first home run of “Fumihiro Suzuki”: August 4, 2000 Yokohama Bay Stars 15th game (Yokohama Stadium) 3rd inning from Saito Takashi 3 three-run homer.

August 3, 2019

– August 3, 2019
(「中国で、たくさんの方に助けて頂いた」→「よかったね ^ ^ その感謝の気持ちを、忘れないでね」)
“In China, many people helped me.” → “It was good ^ ^ Don’t forget the gratitude.”
– August 3, 2018
A great person shows the greatness by the way treating “a little person.”
– August 3, 2017
“Happiness” is a perfume, one could not pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself.