September 2, 2019

– September 2, 2019
Humbly look at my own position, and what kind of roles are needed now, what touches the chord, and how to survive in the harsh world, think and live sincerely. “Stupid Takagi” could not survive !
– September 2, 2018
Can’t say “I’m doing my best but I could not get the outcome” in a normal company.
– September 2, 2017
Damn Hong Kong Doctor ! AI changes it !! A day when AI was installed in the Hong Kong Doctor “Become an AI expert !”
– September 2, 2016
(FXトレード復活!の日!!今日の雇用統計から♪勝つ!!FX実弾入金 by CitiCard→米雇用統計:$598.09プラス☆)
FX trade is come back ! Day !! Win from today’s employment statistics !! FX real money deposited by CitiCard → US employment statistics: USD598.09 plus☆


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